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"May all who enter our church feel safe and welcome."

The Episcopal Church of Wisconsin (now the Diocese of Milwaukee) was established in 1836 when the Wisconsin Territory was identified as the location for a church. Three young deacons held services in school rooms and courthouses within a 50-mile circuit around the Root River. In 1842, an Episcopal parish was formed in Racine and the first church was erected on the east side of Main Street, across from the Monument Square - St. Luke's. After a devastating fire in 1866, within six months the cornerstone of the present structure was laid.

St. Luke's Episcopal Church is a "church with roots from the past and wings to the future." Rooted in the Anglican tradition, as expressed in the Episcopal Church, and liturgical expression of worship, study, prayer and music, we are guided to celebrate the gospel by giving each day in service to our families, friends and neighbors. We believe that God calls us to be continual examples of Christian love and behavior. We are committed to carrying God's message of love into a hurting world, remembering always the command of Jesus to "clothe the naked, feed the hungry, care for the sick, visit those in prison, and welcome the stranger among us." We invite and welcome all people into a closer relationship with god through prayer, music, study and reaching out into the community.

For more than 175 years St. Luke's has had a strong and consistent presence in the Racine community including the founding of Racine College (now the DeKoven Center), the Taylor Home Orphanage, St. Luke's Hospital (now part of Ascension All Saints Healthcare), the Racine Vocational Ministry, and the Hospitality Center. St. Luke's has not only been the source of pastoral care for thousands in the Racine community, it has been the seed plantar for other parish ministries and a hospital ministry.

In the spirit of many who have done and continue to do, we give thanks and glory to God.

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